"None of us knows what we all know together"

Lao Tzu (Chinese sage)

Who are we 

This sentence from Lao Tzu guides me since several years, and I am convinced that sharing the knowledge enables to go further and to do greater things.

I have created Data Acteur with the aim to contribute to this combination of knowledge

 ° To support structures (companies, territorial authorities, associations) so that they understand and use their data assets,

° Leave a technical approach of the data and shift towards a functional/business approach: data is useless (or even expensive) if it is not understood, valued and used by the business.

About the founder

I am Audrey, founder of Data Acteur.

After a master’s degree in statistics and econometrics, I worked in analysis (Business Intelligence, data visualization, data mining, modelling and forecast).

After this first experience, I have had the will to get to know the way to make available data for others: understand the needs of the business users in order to give them the best data to the right person in the right place. Thus I have worked as project manager on data storage (datawarehouse, datalake).

Following this experiences, having noticed that ideas and needs are very often not easy to express, I have decided to follow a training in order to improve the support I provided: in 2018, I gained the CNAM (National School of Engineering and Technology) certification of specialization in management of collaborative innovation.

More recently, I have collaborated to the implementation of data governance for all the data of a company, favoring the development of a data culture, the roles, the responsibilities.

All these years, driven by my conviction I have worked to ameliorate data quality on one side, and on the other side in the aim to answer to the regulatory requirements (Solvency 2, GDPR, …).

As such, I have gained a global vision of data: from the business needs, to the creation of data, its organization, its storage, how to share it, how to secure it, implementation of its quality until its uses, in short: data management.

In January 2021, I obtained the DAMA international certification (Data Management) : CDMP®CertifiedDataManagement.

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My convictions

Finally, data is part of my daily life since 20 years. My competence in analysis enables me to understand that we have a strong impact on the environment. This is the reason why I am involved in actions aimed at reducing this impact (trainings, development of associations’ projects, reducing our wastes…).

Moreover, the will to pass on, to accompany the young generation, seems to me essential for our future. Thus, I have decided to engage myself to associations working for the accessibility of jobs in the fields of digital and Tech for all (participation to round tables, meetings,…).
I also chose to enter higher education for the same purpose.

Our values

As projects are managed thanks to human dimension, Data Acteur holds several values within its DNA:

° Listening and sharing: of our knowledge, of our ideas – enabling to increase the collective knowledge on a project.

° Goodwill and conviviality: we are convinced that an atmosphere of goodwill enables to dare, to surpass and develop oneself. This is what we try to convey.

° Dynamism, willingness and energy: so that projects move forward and teams make progress.

° Pragmatism, creativity and clarity: we aim at a concrete and creative approach, with actions to implement which are adapted to the context and achievable during and after our intervention.

To accompany you in the necessary combining of operational, functional and technical visions of data, in order to manage your activity with accuracy, contact Data Acteur.

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