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Our customized support offer

Are you in this position?

⇒ You are aware that data is part of your daily work, but you don’t necessarily know what to do with it.

⇒ At certain occasions, you have taken the wrong decisions (for a project or within the strategy of your structure): inaction, dispersing of actions.

⇒ You lost money resulting from the low quality of your data.

⇒  The indicators you get do not provide you – or not anymore – with the efficient and understandable vision of the health of your structure. You realize that your budget could be managed with more efficiency.

⇒ You realize that your budget could be managed with more efficiency.

⇒ You notice a disorganization of the teams, of the processes.

⇒ You are faced with a chaos (abundance) of data, but you don’t know how to manage all this.

⇒ Lacking a pertinent analysis of the data, you have no visibility on the whole issue so you don’t know how to act effectively.

⇒ You have the feeling that there is a gap between your needs and the IT solution implemented.

⇒ Your models (machine learning, AI) have to undertake a superior dimension thanks to data management.

Impact of these situations

→ You are going to face:

° Loss of time and thus incomes, or creation of unnecessary expenses,

° Loss of efficiency: immobility, sprinkling of actions,

° Collaborators whose skills are not correctly used will lose motivation,

° Changes, a numerical transition which may be long and difficult,

° Stakeholders organized as silos: the technicians on one side and the businesses on the other, whereas the data must be considered in a transverse way and used by the businesses so that it releases its optimal value.

Have you tried the following solutions?

You have appointed someone to manage the data: it is necessary to professionalize this person’s position, to define the contours, which requires a certain experience.

You have tried to manage your data thanks to the implementation of tools, but the first step is to know your own data: the tool does not fill in this gap.

Faced with the chaos of data, you may have asked your IT department to classify it. The problem here is that the data is useful to the business: it is therefore up to them to define and indicate their needs.

You may have tried to work this on with Human Resources in order to integrate data management in the mission of your employees, but the awareness on the importance of data within an organization is something which must go through quite a long acculturation phase.

If this solutions did not prooved to be efficient, it is probably because there was a lack of:


° The implementation of a data strategy adapted to your context.
° The integration of data and the use of its value in the daily life of your structure.
° Silos not sharing knowledge and experiences.
° The combination of the 3 visions on a data: operational, functional, and technical.

As per recent studies, very few companies, regional government, associations use the data factor.

Other studies show that, in the coming years, Data and AI are to ameliorate/boost the productivity of companies by 40%. Gartner (consulting and research agency in the field of advanced techniques) plans that, in the coming years, companies exploiting data will create values of $ 2.9 trillion. 

Our recommendation

Rely on experts with strong skills in combining the 3 visions (operational, functional and technical) to gain efficiency and speed.

« None of us knows what we all know together»
Lao Tzu (Chinese sage)

Our expertise : convicing and cross-sectoral

Data use specialist with experience of 18 years in data management:

° Implementation of data culture within departments/team units (training course, creation of data communities…),

° Providing data for users optimal exploitation (comprehension of the needs, managing the developments, datawarehouse and datalake documentation…),

° Input of the combination of the 3 visions of a data,

° Implementation of quality (identification of encountered issues, analysis and identification of the source of the problem, setting up of remediation, dashboards…),

° Valorisation with using scenarios (creation of performance indicators (Business intelligence), Data visualisation, Data mining, Machine learning : modelling and prediction).

Working with Data Acteur, you get the attention and the opinion of a data expert on the specific problems of your structure.

Data Acteur is committed to helping you finding operational and concrete solutions thanks to the comprehension and the valorization of your data to make your project a success.

Over time, our goal is that your company moves towards digitalization and you use your data as a strategic asset serving you.

Using our operational and concrete solutions, here is what you can achieve

(Non exhaustive list)

° Better known and understood data,
° Better quality of your data, as of today and for tomorrow,
° An implementation of the uses within your structure,
° A sharing of the knowledge induced by the data and the comprehension of the importance of this asset,
° More efficient teams enabling saving time, more reactivity, anticipation and productivity,
° A complete review of processes,
° A better visibility of the performance of your structure: streamline the dashboards, the indicators, the follow ups => having an easy to use tool enabling decision making,
° Cost rationalization,
° Harmonization and the capacity to compare all the sources of data of the various business units of your company.

A new era for your company

From now one, you will be able to concentrate on your core business, your added value.

Our common work, step by step

° A first discussion – free of charge, will enables us to consider your needs and to define together the scope of the mission of support,
° Reception of our offer with details of your needs as understood, our prices and suggestion of deliverables (project management, training, coaching,…depending on your needs),
° Discussions over this offer in order to set the final scope,
° Signature of the quote,
° Start of the mission with implementation of milestones,
° Follow up of implementation actions/ if necessary help with their implementation,
° End of the mission with presentation of the results,
° Follow up proposal x months after.


Is there anything to prepare before the start of the mission?

We will define this together after our first discussion (free of charge).

How much work is this going to take? What is the price? How long shall it take?

Our missions are tailored made depending on your needs. Thus it depends on the scope of the mission we agree on. The first mission can be a diagnosis with a proposal of actions plan (these actions will be sub-divided into batch if necessary.

What are the kind of results we get at the end of this type of mission?

Specific results you will get depend on the scope of the mission. We will be able to answer more precisely during our first meeting.


President (Services Company – Lyon)

Strong motivation, efficient and expert are the words which come to my mind when I think to Audrey. During our collaboration on the implementation of a process on data quality upon a specific scope of data, her capacity to identify the needs and to overcome reluctances of the various work forces were remarkable. Therefore Audrey managed to implement a pragmatic and adapted to the context method, based on sharing experience upon data quality thanks to her solid skills in data and project managements. We recommend and will call upon Data Acteur for future missions.

President – (association combating fly-tipping and working to reduce wastes)

The association benefited from Audrey’s support during an engaging and pioneering project of green wastes reduction on the territory, with several stakeholders. Her help has been essential both for the quality and the relevance of the solutions she suggested, and for the pedagogy and attention Audrey gave our Project Manager and the whole elected board members to enhance good decisions making.

Audrey’s human qualities and her convictions were true additional assets

Data scientist – (Social welfare group – Cagnes sur Mer)

I have worked with Audrey for more than 12 years on decision-making projects and the implementation of data governance. With everlasting enthusiasm and passion for subjects linked to data and its use, Audrey has a strong expertise on all data matters.

Risks management supervisor (Social welfare group – Cagnes sur Mer)

During meetings on the amelioration of our satisfaction surveys and on our data, I could appreciate Audrey’s strong responsiveness, the quality and accuracy of her propositions, all this with contagious dynamism and enthusiasm. An expert I strongly recommend.

Mission Director (Services Company – Paris)

I was most pleased to work with Audrey during a mission of Data Management. Her experience and know-how were a true added value for the project. Audrey is meticulous, structured and ready to listen, which enable her to quickly understand the challenges and to suggest relevant solutions. I shall not hesitate asking her to request her services for new opportunities!

General Manager of services (public authority managing and treating waste)

I could not imagine all we can do with data. Thank you to Audrey for this open mindedness and proposition of strategy and management through data.

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